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Welcome to Seattle Edge Sharpening, your source for world-class knife and tool sharpening. Seattle Edge provides a wide variety of services ranging from basic sharpening to traditional Japanese water stone sharpening, from tip restoration to blade reprofiling. Seattle Edge is fully owned and operated by one man: Albert Edmonds.

The Seattle Edge workshop is located in Seattle's vibrant Fremont district. All types of knives and tools are sharpened on site and available for pick up as soon as their edge is in peak condition. Orders can be dropped off at the shop, or handled by mail.




I sharpen all knives free hand, no jigs or angle guides are used. I sharpen free hand for two reasons. The first reason is not all knives use the same angle: Different knife designs require different sharpening techniques. The second reason is free hand sharpening allows me to modify not only the edge but the blade design if the knife has sustained damage. Even though your knives are sharpened free hand, my 15 years of experience ensures precise bevels and clean edges.

A multi step process is used for each knife I sharpen to produce the best edge possible. The majority of tools I use are custom made for my system. Each knife is different so different types of knives will be sharpened using different methods. Using more than one system helps me tailor the correct edge needed for a specific knife. A chef knife will be sharpened differently than a sushi knife which will be sharpened differently than your Fathers old fishing knife. The different methods create different finishes on the blade. The finishing process used for a chef knife Knife spread will leave a subtle polished shine running from the edge about a half inch up the blade. Outdoor and collector knives are usually sharpened so only the edge is polished. Traditional Japanese knives are sharpened on water stones focusing only on the edge.

Discounts apply for Culinary Professionals.



Standard Knife Sharpening $2.00 per inch
Custom Knife Sharpening $3.00 per inch
Traditional Stone Sharpening $3.00 per inch
Serration Sharpening $3.00 per inch
Tip Restoration $5.00 per tip
Bolster Realignment $5.00 per bolster
Cracked Edge Restoration $3.00 per knife
Straight Razor Sharpening $35.00 per razor
Lawn Mower Blades $10.00 per blade
Axes and Hatchets $10.00 per tool
Small Loppers $5.00 per lopper
Large Loppers $7.00 per lopper
Scissors $1.75 per inch

Custom knife


I have sharpened hand made custom knives for collectors ranging from Seattle to New York. Hand made custom knives are more demanding to sharpen compared factory knives. Custom knives often use unique alloys and have creative blade designs which take me longer to sharpen and require special attention. I love sharpening custom knives, the experience is rewarding and the results are fantastic. Custom knife sharpening is $3.00 per inch.



Some knives must be sharpened traditionally using only stones. High quality Japanese knives must be sharpened using water stones. Most modern mass produced Japanese kitchen knives can be sharpened using my standard Stone sharpening system, and will achieve startling levels of sharpness, so stone sharpening is not required. Stone sharpening is only offered for traditional, handmade Japanese knives. Stone sharpening is $3.00 per inch.



I offer loaner knives for restaurants to use until the knives received have been sharpened. Loaner knives are reserved for restaurants only. Loaner knives are in limited supply and are distributed on a first come first serve basis and may not be reserved for use. All loaner knives must be returned upon pick up. If all loaner knives are not returned you may be charged for replacement. Please treat loaner knives with respect and use them as you would use your own knives. Please check your kitchen twice for loaners before coming to pick up your knives!



(206) 799-0412



The Seattle Edge workshop is located in the Fremont ActivSpace building, in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. If headed North on Leary Way NW, take a right at the last driveway on your right before 41st Street. Unit 104 is on the front of the building. On site parking is limited, but there are many street parking spots available.

Unit 104
4020 Leary Way NW
Seattle WA, 98107

Please DO NOT ship orders to this address, see the SHIPPING section.


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Outside of Seattle and need your knives sharpened? No problem! Shipping knives is easy. Please fill out the shipping form below and include with your order. Credit cards and money orders are the only forms of payment accepted. No personal checks or cash please. If paying with a credit card, be sure to sign your name in the designated area. If the signature box has not been signed by hand the credit card will not be processed. This is done for your safety. If paying with a money order, please include return shipping in the total. Washington residents will be charged 9.5% sales tax. All orders will be shipped UPS ground unless another form of transport is requested by the recipient.

Please use boxes in good condition to ship your knives. If the box can not be used to send the knives back you will be charged for the cost of a new box. Please wrap your knives in either newspaper or towels before being placed in the box. Please stuff the box with paper, towels or another packing material to keep the knives from moving while in transport.

Shipping Form - .pdf
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All contact and billing information will remain confidential and is used for communication and shipping only. No third parties will have access to your information.

Please send me an e-mail or call to let me know you are shipping knives.

Making sure that your knives arrive safely and return quickly is a priority.

All orders should be shipped to:

Seattle Edge
3518 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA, 98103

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